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Frase AI Review: A Content Writing & Optimization Tool

Frase is a comprehensive writing, research, and optimization tool to help create high-quality, SEO-friendly content. Its key features include a content editor, research panel, outline builder, writing tools, templates, and optimization features. Frase is also known for its chatbot, which uses a website’s content to answer visitors’ questions.

The platform integrates with Google Docs, Google Search Console, Hubspot CRM, and more to streamline content creation. It also supports multiple languages for creating outlines, making it versatile for global creators.

Who is Frase For?

Frase is a content marketing tool designed for content creators, SEO pros, and businesses looking to improve their content process. It uses AI and language processing to streamline research and optimization. Features like optimization analyses, keyword suggestions, and content brief generation help create SEO-friendly content to outrank competitors.

Frase’s chatbot, the Answer Engine, uses a website’s content to answer common visitor questions, engaging potential customers. The outline builder, writing tools, and templates help structure and optimize content granularly.

Frase’s content generation capabilities allow inputting keywords/topics to receive well-crafted suggestions, saving time and effort. The writers assist in creating coherent, engaging, informative, and SEO-friendly content tailored to users’ needs.

Frase’s optimization tools provide real-time suggestions for enhancing SEO, making it easier to optimise content for search engines. The user-friendly interface helps save time while producing high-quality content.

Frase Ai Home Page Key Features:

Frase offers a wide range of key features to help with content optimization, writing assistance, and improving SEO. Here are the main features based on the provided information:

  1. Search Analysis: Frase lets you analyze and summarize content from the top search results for any query. This provides insights into your competitors’ content and saves time by avoiding manual analysis.
  2. Outline Builder: You can quickly create outlines using headings from search results or let Frase’s AI generate outlines in seconds. This helps structure and organize well-researched content.
  3. Writing Assistance: Frase’s capabilities allow it to generate SEO-optimized content inspired by search results. This includes blog intros, FAQs, headings, and more, aiding in brainstorming ideas and aligning with SEO requirements.
  4. Content Optimization: The text editor assesses your content against competitors and provides related topics and recommended mention frequencies to enhance ranking potential. You can import existing content and optimize it for better search performance.
  5. Content Research: Frase is useful for finding and understanding information needed for writing helping you explore FAQs and other relevant sources.
  6. User-Friendly Design: Frase offers a pleasant and user-friendly interface, making it easy to access and use its tools efficiently. It provides a feature-rich editor and document management options.
  7. Customer Support: You can contact support via contact form, social media, live chat, and weekly demo sessions. Video tutorials are also available to learn about features.
  8. Integrations: Frase integrates with platforms like Google Docs, WordPress, and Google Search Console, enhancing functionality for content creation and optimization.

Frase’s Writing Functionality

Frase allows you to expand on ideas by suggesting well-written content based on your keywords or topics. It can generate brief introductions by analyzing top search results. The tool identifies relevant content to create smooth transitions between paragraphs, helping you write cohesive and structured pieces.

However, set realistic expectations. While Frase generates content, the tone or style may not perfectly match your preferences. Review and edit the generated text to ensure it meets your needs.

Structuring and Outlining

Frase emphasizes effective article structure and outlining. Enter keywords or topics, and it suggests content to help expand on those points. The writers assist in creating engaging, informative, SEO-friendly content tailored to your needs.

Frase’s algorithms enable structuring and optimizing content for better readability and SEO. The optimization tools provide real-time suggestions for enhancing SEO, making optimization for search engines easier.

Completing Sentences and Paraphrasing

Frase’s ability to complete sentences and rephrase content saves time and improves efficiency. Its algorithms can identify and suggest relevant transition content, ensuring smooth paragraph and section flow. This helps create well-structured, coherent content without excessive editing.

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Performance Compared to Humans

While Frase offers advanced content generation capabilities, remember it’s a tool to assist, not replace, human creativity and judgment. Review and edit the generated content to align with your brand voice, tone, and requirements.

Frase’s writing functionality is valuable for content creators looking to save time and improve efficiency. Its content generation capabilities, optimization features, and user-friendly interface make it an attractive option for quickly creating high-quality content. However, setting realistic expectations and reviewing/editing the generated content is essential to ensure it meets your specific needs.

Pricing and Plans

PlanMonthly PriceYearly PriceFeaturesUsersSearch Queries
Solo Plan$15$12/monthAnalyze search queries, generate SEO content110
Basic Plan$45$38/monthSearch analysis, outline builder, content optimization, plugins130
Team Plan$115$97/monthUnlimited search queries, SEO workflow, writing assistant, article wizard3 (additional $25/month per extra user)Unlimited

Features: Unlimited search queries, SEO workflow, writing assistant, article wizard

Frase Ai Pricing and Plans

My Experience with

Frase’s writing tool assists with expanding points, writing intros, and rephrasing paragraphs. However, set realistic expectations, as they may not perfectly match your tone, style, or requirements. Frase excels at generating content and transitions.

Using Frase involves adding target search queries and structuring content based on results. Its content capabilities, optimization features, and user-friendly interface make it appealing for quickly creating quality content.

Frase’s SEO optimizer is highly effective for optimizing content for search results. Its advanced research tools significantly enhance content production, making it ideal for creators, SEO pros, and marketing teams.

Frase’s pricing is fair compared to similar SEO tools. However, factoring in add-ons makes it more expensive. For the basic subscription, add-ons would almost double the monthly cost.

Alternatives to Frase


Byword is a simple writing app focused on distraction-free writing. It has a clean look, supports markdown, and syncs across devices. Byword is known for being easy and straightforward, making it popular for writers who want a no-frills writing experience.

Byword Ai Home Page

Key Features:

  • Minimal distraction writing space
  • Markdown formatting
  • Syncs between devices
  • Focus mode
  • Export to various file types

Unlike Frase, Byword provides a clean, simple writing space without advanced content generation or SEO tools.


Writesonic is a writing tool that generates various content types, such as ads, descriptions, and blog posts. It offers capabilities like content generation, rewriting, and idea suggestions. Writesonic stands out for its versatility in quickly creating various content formats.

Writesonic Ai Home Page

Unique Capabilities:

  • Versatile content generation
  • Rewrite existing content
  • Suggest content ideas
  • User-friendly interface
  • Integrates with WordPress and Shopify.

Writesonic differs from Frase by focusing more on AI copywriting and content generation across formats with different creation tools.


Rytr is a writing tool that generates articles, emails, social posts and more. It offers content generation, optimization, and language translation. Rytr is known for multilingual support and ease of use when creating content in different languages.

Rytr Home Page

Key Strengths:

  • Create content in multiple languages
  • Generate various content formats
  • User-friendly writing experience
  • Translate content
  • Optimize content for SEO

Compared to Frase, Rytr excels in multilingual support and ease of use but may lack some advanced SEO optimization and research capabilities.

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