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AI Article Writing: How AI Writing is Gaining Momentum

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We can assure you that AI has revolutionized writing. I must say that there is a significant improvement in the output, using lists and tables and even inserting tables of content. An article we wrote using AI last year is better with today’s AI writing tools

It is amazing how easy it has become to develop product reviews, listicles, press releases, and how-to articles. This post will discuss AI’s impact on article writing and content development!

Before you get too excited, you will still need to amend the AI-written articles. This will help give the articles a human touch, emotions and other aspects of the content to match your brand tone. 

Key Takeaways

  • AI article writing tools can generate content faster than humans, saving time. They produce informational drafts and summaries that require some refinement.
  • AI helps generate ideas by analyzing trends, discussions, and behaviours to identify popular topics that will gain traction.
  • AI tools proofread content and correct grammar mistakes, optimize content for SEO, personalize content based on user data, and translate content into other languages.
  • However, AI still lacks the creativity, emotional connection, critical thinking, adaptability, personalized brand tone, and authenticity human writers provide.
  • So, while AI is extremely helpful for writing drafts and optimising content faster, human writers are still needed to add creativity, expertise, brand voice, and authentic personal experiences. The two can work together effectively.
  • There are ways to detect AI-written content by identifying unnatural language patterns, inconsistencies, repetition, unrealistic output volume and speed, and lack of original perspectives.

What is AI Article Writing?

AI Article writing uses AI-developed tools to generate content. These tools will generate relevant and informational content in minutes. They do this fast, saving a lot of time. 

Others will argue that AI article writing uses technology to generate information that would otherwise need human intelligence.

AI writing tools use Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and machine learning. These sophisticated technologies help AI learn about the focus industry and improve production.

How content writers are using AI article writing?

The content industry has gained a lot with AI article writing. Whether a writer, a blogger, or a poet, you will be happy integrating AI into your work for various reasons. Artificial intelligence is important thanks to its ability to make work efficient and fast. 

If I were to write a 2,000-word article, it would take me about 4 hours or more, but when using AI, I can generate the article in 20 minutes and edit it in 40 minutes. This saves a lot of time. Let’s see how AI contributes to writing and other forms of content creation

Some of these reasons are: 

Content Generation 

Content generation can sometimes be tedious, but artificial intelligence is here to our rescue. Most AI tools that create content can do that very fast, enabling the content creator to save time and handle some other projects. AI content-generating tools can produce human texts. Hence, one can create drafts, summaries, or even articles that only need minor refinements and customizations.

Ai Article Writing
AI Article Writing tool

Generating ideas 

We cannot compare brainstorming ideas between human beings and having these ideas generated by AI-powered tools. The tools can provide insights into popular topics by analyzing behaviours, discussions, trends, etc., and the ideas will be brilliant in helping gain traction.

Grammar and proofreading

Artificial intelligence’s content mostly has few or no grammar mistakes. However, there are AI tools that help check the grammar of pieces written by humans. 

The tools can identify grammatical and punctuation errors; they suggest improvements to sentence structure, helping the writers produce a polished and error-free final piece. One of the most widely used tools in grammar correction is Grammarly

Grammar Checker

Content optimization 

They should use SEO-optimised keywords to get a significant organic following in their blogs or articles. AI tools like Surfer SEO help incorporate such keywords and recommend content structures that perform well in SEO search engines.


Email marketers use personalized content or dynamic website content. Some optimization tools are available to analyze user data and generate content that matches the person’s preferences.

Language Translation 

All AI translation tools can translate content into different languages within seconds. It is a plus for the content writers since they can reach a wider audience. It was a bit challenging in the earlier days since people had to use manual translation tools, which was also tedious; hence, most would ignore it.

Giving Summaries

Summaries favour both the content creators and the readers. If you receive a lengthy piece and want to pick the most critical points, you can pass the article through an AI summary tool. These tools are known to give powerful conclusions.

To the content creators, these conclusions can work as their point of reference or even give direction to where the creator should produce their content.

Social Media Management 

In the current era, hiring a social media manager may not be as crucial since AI algorithms can easily do this work. I’ve heard that many content creators appreciate that they can schedule posts. They, therefore, do not have to worry about consistency in their social media.

Can AI article Writing be detected?

In most cases, AI content detection is easy. Still, the accuracy also can depend on various factors like the complexity of the AI detection tools and the method used to detect the generated pieces. We will give several ways to check whether the content is AI-generated.

image 2
AI content detector

The style and tone used 

Most AI writing tools cannot produce content with human emotions. Therefore, any content that is too generic or lacking personality may raise suspicions about how it came to be.

Unusual language patterns 

Even though any content generated by AI article writing tools contains little to no grammatical errors, these pieces can sometimes feel very unnatural. If a topic is complex or more words are needed, you will notice that there will be a lot of fluff in the article. 

Most methods in detecting AI language can identify sentence structures and languages that are highly likely not human-generated.


It is very possible with AI to generate content that is contradicting or inaccurate. 


Since machines generate content, there can be many cases of recurrence of similar ideas explained in different words. This can be a sign of AI content generation.

The unrealistic speed at which content generation takes place 

It is impossible to produce a large volume of high-quality content in a day. Human beings will get overwhelmed when they see the workload, let alone working on it. If someone delivers their work in an unusual period, then there must have been an involvement of AI.

Pattern recognition

Researchers and scientists have developed technologies that detect AI patterns. Therefore, content creators who use well-known AI models are at risk of having plagiarized work.

plagiarism checker

Human review 

Some human experts can tell the difference between an article written by a fellow human being and another AI-generated article. These people don’t do this because they are geniuses but because they have experience in content editions or have been reviewing for quite some time. Their expertise, therefore, helps them recognize the typical patterns of AI-generated content.

Will AI replace Writers?

It is so definite that AI article writing has the potential to create bigger and better impacts in the field of content creation, but it still cannot replace human writers. Some of the reasons why human writers will remain essential regardless of the automation aspects of the AI writing process and how it has helped writers in generating content include:

  • AI Article Writing involves no Creativity

The number one disadvantage of AI is that it is not creative at all. Therefore, all AI-generated content will never be original or unique. AI can only mimic existing pieces of work and make them better and appealing to the eyes, but anything to do with thinking outside the box is still a challenge as we speak.

  • No Emotional Connection

There is no emotional connection in pieces developed by AI. While humans can evoke emotions in their content, AI struggles to imitate this. Humans telling their stories with utmost depth helps connect with their audience personally, and they can resonate with human experiences and perspectives.

  • Critical Thinking

When writing pieces with complex topics that require critical thinking and a deep understanding of the content, only human beings can bring out their unique perceptiveness through their expertise. AI cannot get information from recent journals or research publications, so the information may not be accurate and analyzed by a person who can think critically.

  • Adaptability

Human beings can adapt to different trends and shifts as they occur. Audience preferences change daily, and Artificial intelligence can’t just adjust to meet the changing demands like humans can. There must be training and retraining of the AI algorithms and a few adjustments to ensure they can now adapt to the changes.

  • Brand Tone

Different human writers have distinctive tones that contribute to their brands. They may have similar brands, but how they present their ideas is different. If the two decide to involve AI, chances are that their content will be similar, and we cannot differentiate who the owner is since AI cannot replicate the intricacies.

  • Quality Assurance

Editing and quality assurance – human beings can detect anything amiss in their work, from the flow to the overall quality of their work. Therefore, they can correct and make any appropriate corrections that AI algorithms can leave behind without noticing.

  • No Authenticity

AI-generated content is not authentic. It, therefore, loses the human touch; there is no humour, and neither are there relatable experiences. When it comes to AI art, there is a heated debate on whether AI art is good or not

Frequently Asked Questions

Will AI kill content writing?

No. we still need humans to come up with content and fact-check the content generated by AI tools

Can AI think creatively?

No. AI models cannot be creative since they cannot understand human emotions and cultures.

Is it true that AI-driven languages are normally accurate?

Nobody is perfect, and this translates to nothing is perfect. We cannot escape the errors since human beings have developed AI machines.

How fast is AI being adopted in the global market?

According to data compiled by Statista, the global artificial intelligence market reached a staggering $433 billion in revenue in 2022. This rapid expansion is predicted to accelerate even further soon.

Is AI article writing unethical?

Yes. AI article or essay writing is not affected by plenty of limitations. There are, however, policies that might be put in place by the consumer or the media delivering the information.

What tools can I use in AI Article Writing?

Plenty of tools are available, but some that we have used are Byword, Writesonic, OpenAI, and Claude.

Can I get free AI writing tools?

Yes. There are tools like openAI and most of the paid tools have free credits or free versions.

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