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Best AI for Writing Papers: AI Position Paper Writer

Best AI for writing paper

Did you ever imagine that a time would come when you could translate your ideas into an essay within seconds? That imagination is now a reality! 

There are many changes that have happened in our lives today due to the advancement of Artificial Intelligence. The changes have affected every industry. Particularly, the field of writing has gained a significant milestone. Today, you can write a complete essay through AI by pressing a button.

Currently, there are several best AI for writing papers. These tools analyze vast data and learn from patterns to generate new essays that pass plagiarism checks. Isn’t it interesting how the tools simulate human writing experience and get it all correct?

This review discusses the best AI essay writer tools and their various aspects.

5 Best AI for Writing Papers

Charley AI Essay Writer

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Charley AI Essay Writer is a computer-based program to help you generate short and long-form essays and articles. The tools require you to input a prompt, topic, or instructions. Afterwards, it will generate a coherent, grammatically correct, relevant position papers based on your evidence.

Charley, an AI paper writer, can generate a maximum of 15,000 words for an essay. It offers a seamless navigation that makes it friendly to use. Consequently, both students and professionals could get great value for its usage.

Pros & Cons

Charley AI Paper Writer

Customizable Essay Creation
Free citation generator
Offers free document templates.
Guarantees you unlimited revisions
Intuitive text editor.
In-built grammar checker.
Potential plagiarism
Longer Customer Service waiting times

Key Features

Key Features

Original Writing: Charley AI uses advanced language tech to create fresh essays from scratch.

Lightning Fast: It can whip up essays to 15,000 words in just 20 seconds. Talk about efficiency!

Flexible Style: Charley adjusts its writing to fit your desired grade level, style, and word choices. One size doesn’t fit all.

User-Friendly Editor: A simple editor lets you customize the essay type, tone, length, and target grade. Easy peasy.


Charley AI offers you three different plans. These include a Mini plan for $8.99 monthly and a Student plan for $13.99 monthly. Besides, there is the Ultimate plan at $18.99 per month.

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We rate Charley at 4/5.


Scalenut homepage

Scalenut is another one of the best AI essay generators using the latest prediction language model known as the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3. The writing tool was developed in 2020 and has been trained on 175 billion machine learning parameters. Consequently, it has evolved to become one of the most ultra-modern AI writer tools.

Scalenut is known to generate position paper content from collected research data. But it also suggests new ideas and writes down songs, poems, and stories. 

Pros & Cons

Scalenut Pros & Cons

Cruise Mode: Write SEO blogs fast – in under 5 minutes
Content Optimizer: Get live feedback on SEO score
Keyword Planner
AI Templates: Choose from over 40 options

Lacks support for multiple languages beyond English
No refund policy

Key Features

Key Features

Cruise Mode: Write SEO blog posts in just 5 minutes.

Content Optimizer: Tweak your content to match what Google wants.

Keyword Planner: Find keywords with high search traffic but low competition.

AI Templates: Choose from over 40 templates to quickly create content

Interlinking: Easily connect your content pieces into a logical structure.

SEO AI Editor: Get real-time optimization tips as you write. Make sure your content checks all the Google boxes. 


The Scalenut AI writing assistant has four pricing models. The Essential package costs $20, while Growth costs $40. Additionally, there is a Pro package for $75 and a custom Enterprise package.

Scalenut Prices


We rate Scalenut at 3.8/5.


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Writesonic is an AI content tool known to perform various functions, with articles, blogs, and long-form writing being one of these functions. The AI writer gives you quick output and allows you to scale up your long-form content.

Writesonic has excellent entry-level pricing and a one-click essay writer, making it easy to use. Additionally, the tool’s standard AI Writer 3.0 is efficient for your writing needs.

Pros & Cons

WriteSonic Pros & Cons

Efficient and reliable AI essay writer.
Easy and friendly to use in generating content.
Produces high-quality content.

Lacks custom tone.
The final output has minor plagiarism issues.

Key Features

Key Features

Generates various content types.

SEO-optimization feature.

Simple user interface design for usage. 


In addition to a free trial, this writer offers several packages. These include the Unlimited package for $16, a Business package for $12.67, and an Enterprise option for large businesses.

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We rate the tool at 4/5.

Copy AI

Copy AI is a tool that will help you write essays. Not only this, it meets your unique writing style for various industries like marketing, advertising and communications. Additionally, it is a perfect tool for writing both short-form articles and long-form essays.

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This AI essay generator is built on OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model. It is available in 25+ languages and it might be a good choice for beginners in the AI essay writing space.

Pros & Cons

Copy AI Pros & Cons

It has many options for content writing.
It is ideal for beginners due to its simplicity.
Streamlines the writing process.
Great text editor for your writing.
May lag when generating information.
Require fact-checking after generating data.
Generating essays can be frustrating at times. 

Key Features

Key Features

90+ writing templates.

Multiple languages support.

An in-built plagiarism checker. 

It has an Infobase where you can save reusable data.


Copy AI has three different packages. There is a free plan that allows you to create limited content. Also, there is a Pro package for $36 and an Enterprise package, which enables you to customize your writing needs. Both the Pro and the Enterprise modes offer unlimited content creation possibilities.

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We rate Copy AI at 3.9/5.

Contentbot AI

Currently, Contentbot AI software uses the GPT 3.5 software by Open AI. By 2022, the bot had 77,000 users, which continues to grow. This bot serves marketers, content marketers, content writers, SEO specialists and bloggers.

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Recently, Contentbot AI launched a conversational chatbot, InstructBot. The chatbot requires a short prompt to start creating essays.

Pros & Cons

Contentbot AI Pros & Cons

Automates the creation of content with filters and actions.
Produces content in bulk.
Hundreds of templates are available for content creation.
Edits and revisions might be needed after long content.

Key Features

Key Features

Creates content of all lengths.
Generate ideas for topics you can write.
Offers SEO tools for the content you generate.
It is possible to change the tone of your essay.


The ContentBot AI has four pricing packages: Prepaid, Starter, Premium, and Premium+. The Prepaid costs $0.5 for 1000 words, while the Starter costs $9.5 monthly. The Premium package costs $29.5 a month, and the Premium+ costs $49.5 a month.


We rate the ContentBot AI at 4.3/5.

Bonus AI Essay Writing Tool


Although Grammarly is primarily known for grammar correction, it has an AI assistant that aids you in generating both short-form and long-form content. The tool offers an end-to-end writing assistant that helps you create and curate your content.

Pros and Cons

Grammarly AI Pros & Cons

Very easy to use.
Offers a free writing version.
It helps you edit your content to the final stage.
It is not ideal for long-form content writing.
Revision and editing are required to generate content.

Key Features

Key Features

It allows you to set the context of your academic writing.
Offers voice personalization.
Various prompts to guide you.


Grammarly AI tool comes with three plans. Firstly, there is a free package that does not charge you anything. Secondly, the Premium package costs $12, and the Business package is worth $15 per month.


We rate the Grammarly AI tool at 3.7/5.

What is an AI Essay Writer?

An AI essay writer is a computer-based tool that helps you automatically generate an essay using AI.  The tool is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and natural language processing NLP technology. With the two aspects combined, the tool can take a command, usually a short phrase you give it, and create an essay based on that command from its database.

An essay AI tool is made to mimic how human beings think and work. It has massive databases that it recalls information from to create a relevant output for you.

How does an Essay Paper Generator AI work?

Primarily, AI is fed large amounts of data when writing a research paper. Thus, it can get a variety of answers to all your questions. Besides, it has been trained through natural language processing and machine learning. The tool can mimic how humans receive a message, reason, and respond with these two. When you give an AI paper writer a command, they run it through its vast database, putting together relevant answers and giving you the output.

The best AI essay writer works in steps. The main steps include giving it the keywords, the tool selecting the template to use, and then determining the language style depending on your keywords. Afterward, you can check the output and correct any errors.

Verdict: Which is the best AI for writing papers

In this review, we have investigated the best AI for writing papers. However, there is one that beats all the others. From our thorough evaluation and tests, we have settled on ContentBot AI as the best among the six we have discussed above. 

Certainly, there are reasons why Content Bot AI takes the day. Firstly, it allows you to create customizable content that fits your context, thanks to the available filters and actions. Secondly, the tool produces content in bulk and offers hundreds of templates for your blog posts and essays. 

Additionally, Content Bot AI ensures your content ranks well thanks to the built-in SEO tool. The pricing is very friendly. With its prepaid package, you can pay as low as $0.5 for up to 1,000 words of essays.

Best free AI for research papers

In addition, there are free AI researcher paper writers for which you do not need to make any subscriptions. The free packages allow you to use them to write a paper. This will be your go-to tool when you do not know where to start with a hard topic.

Although the free tools could bait you, there is a cost. Sometimes, the tools do not generate high-quality essays you may be looking for. Thus, you must review the content, revise it, and tweak it for your contest. This defies why you would need to use an AI essay writer in the first place.

However, there are some reliable free AI position paper writers you should consider.

How do I choose my best AI for essays?

After reviewing the best AI for writing papers, how do you pick the one that best suits your writing needs? Do you go for the cheapest? The one with the most templates, or what do you consider?

As much as you consider all the aspects of the tool, you need to evaluate if the AI essay generator meets the criteria addressed below.

Can the tool generate long-form content?

From the list of the best AI for writing papers, you realize that most AI tools can generate long-form content. A tool like Writesonic will work on your essay and generate long-form content for blogs. 

Is the content generated automatically?

Certainly, the point of using an AI tool to write is partially to save time. Thus, you must evaluate if your chosen tool will generate the content automatically. If generation is not automatic, consider a different tool.  

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