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How to use AI to Write Articles: Master the Art of Article Writing 

Is it taking long to write articles or blog posts? We went through the same headache and now we have a solution. Have you thought of Artificial Intelligence writing articles?

We are doing it and has increased our output. Let us teach you how to use AI to write articles!

The digital space is growing and as it does, there are plenty of advantages to human beings. At the end of it all, it narrows down to professionals and their careers. A few years back, if you would tell writers that they would once generate their content using artificial intelligence, they would probably laugh. Today, this is a reality and more people learn how to use AI to write articles for their blogs, clients and e-books. 

8 Ways on How to Use AI to Write Articles 

All article writers who have tried generating a piece or two can already tell that AI is a game-changer. Because an AI article writer will generate high-quality content quickly and more accurately. This being the case, you need to learn that some of these AI article generators cannot surf the internet to give you the desired output. Here are nine ways you can use AI to get an amazing AI-written article

 A survey was done on 500 businesses it was found that 70% of these businesses reported improved quality on their content on incorporating AI writing tools in their operations.

Generate a winning topic.

We can all agree that creating fresh content daily is a complex task. You need to be creative enough, and your content must be engaging. If this is not the case, your audience will get bored with your work. Artificial intelligence can help generate a list of topics to cover in a specific time, so you don’t have to struggle. 

Keyword Research.

AI tools can help you come up with such a calendar by researching the keywords that will be used in your articles & essays. Consistent use of these keywords will attract maximum visibility, and the writer will gain organic traffic.

Design an outline of an article.

Before writing the article, you must have a draft of your article outline aligning with SEO practices. There are AI tools like Frase that help in automating this process. This will reduce your workload and generate a comprehensive strategy in minutes. Frase AI writing tool also helps suggest topics that may have been overlooked. 

Content Research 

Research is the most critical stage in the whole article writing process. It is where a writer collects all the ideas they have researched, gathers them together, and comes up with a well-curated article.

It may take the writer a very long time to do it manually. So, when we used AI, we found time to be reduced significantly, proving AI Assistants useful. Tools like Copy AI help significantly reduce the research time by providing sources that enable the writer to choose the relevant information they would like in no time.

Drafting the article

How to use AI to write articles

Copy AI and Contentbot AI are the tools that help in this stage. They come up with well-written pieces that are informative, easy to read, and based on the information the content the writer provided.

Rephrasing & Rewriting

Rephrasing with AI writing tools enhances the article’s quality and general readability. There are rewriting tools like Quillbot


We started using AI to help edit our work using the spell-check feature on Microsoft Word. Right now there are plenty of free AI tools for writing articles to help in getting the grammar and sentence structures right. We have tools like Grammarly that help you get the grammar correct

Checking of Plagiarism 

All articles should be unique, and originality must be maintained. Tools like Copyscape help in checking whether a writer’s writing is similar to anybody else’s work that is posted on the web. 

How to use AI to write Articles: Human Editing 

It will be important for you to give the AI-generated articles a human voice so that it is not flagged by AI detectors. Depending on the AI article generator you use, your content can be detected if it was created using AI.

Your articles need the human touch. This will go a long way in meeting the search intent and achieving your brand voice. It is important to note that some AI content generators will have brand voice incorporated where AI learns it from continuously working on it.

Advantages & Disadvantages of using AI to generate content

There are plenty of benefits to creating articles with AI. We will talk about the good and bad when it comes to how to use AI to write articles. 

Advantages of AI writing

  • The learning curve is shorter as compared to manual writing
  • There is increased productivity
  • The phrasing of words improves, especially for non-native English speakers.
  • Turnaround time on AI-generated articles is shorter
  • Good grammar and sentence structures
  • Better SEO since some AI tools generated SEO-optimized articles

Disadvantages of AI writing

Everything with advantages must have its share of disadvantages, and using AI Article writer tools has its share.

Here are some of the limitations

  • Any AI-generated content may not be original and authentic. It is, therefore, vital for the writer to run his work through plagiarism checkers before publishing it.
  • Factual inaccuracies. These inaccuracies are why manual crosschecking should be done to avoid such scenarios.
  • The quality of AI tools and the kind of content they produce varies. Low-quality AI tools will create low-quality work.

Apart from Article Writing, where else is AI applicable in content marketing?

AI is not only used for article writing; there are lots of other ways, which include:

AI in other Content Marketing Fields

Social Media Marketing
AI Paper Writing & Essays
Email Marketing
Content Curation
Data Analysis
Photo Editing
AI Art
Photo Upscaling
Customer Care/Support
Script Writing

Frequently asked questions

How can AI-generated content be ranked highly on Google?

Yes; there are plenty of case studies out there of AI-generated content being ranked by Google and other search engines.

What are the risks of using AI in article writing?

AI writing may not be spot-on in giving facts. The content generated can also be biased, inconsistent and plagiarized. 

How does Artificial Intelligence save a writer’s time?

AI generates your content fast.  For human beings to create such high-quality content, they would take a lot of time doing all the research required and typing.


In conclusion, content creators cannot complain that they do not have ideas of content they should provide at any given point, given that AI is available for all. Many thought that this was science fiction and that it would never come to reality. Today, however, technology has taught us that it can do a better job than human beings, and how we produce and consume written content has changed or is progressively changing.

Also, for social media management, whether for business or personal use. AI is the real go-to deal.

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